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Everton Imperium Cyberconsulate

Welcome sentient, to the online consulate of the Everton Imperium. Here you may research our military, our legal code, trade opportunities, and many other subjects.

Overview: This is a summary of what outsiders can expect in the Everton Imperium.

Military: A detailed documentation of the Everton Imperium's military for sentients interested in the subject.

Commerce: Specifics of the commercial systems in the Everton Imperium, to help endeavoring merchants.

Points of Interest: A travelogue of the Everton Imperium, to help newcomers to our territory find their way.

Religion: Guide to the religion of the Everton Imperium.

Flora and Fauna: Summaries of the botanical and zoological databases of the Everton Imperium.

To contact the Cyberconsulate staff, please use this communication channel

Starshield is copyright of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman 1996.
New empire material is copyright individual authors.